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o sono galicia faq
Get there
Where are you exactly?

We´re overlooking the 3,5km bay of Valdoviño in beautiful Galicia. You can do your wavecheck right out of your window. A 10min walkway will guide you to the beach.

Which airport should I fly to?

There are three main airports we recommend. A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela are both 1 hour drive distance. Porto in Portugal is 3 hours drive away, but flights and rental cars are cheapest there. And Porto is a lovely city to explore. Also Oviedo in Asturias is a possibility, 2 hrs drive away.

How do I get from the airport to o soño?

We highly recommend to rent a car, because of the many bays around to surf or beautiful places to hike and also connections are still not the best.

If you don´t wanna do that, you can get a Transfer with Uber Taxi or Get Transfer App:

We can also organize it for you, costs are around 120 €/ Transfer.

Cheaper option is to travel by bus:

From Airport A Coruña or Santiago de Compostela to Ferrol:

Monbus is connecting you to Ferrol. different times a day.
From Ferrol you have to take a Taxi/ Uber or we can arrange a Pick up.

From Airport in Porto to Ferrol:

We would recommend to rent a car and take a little sightseeing in Porto (J.K. Rowling got inspired here for her Harry Potter books, you will feel the spirit) before getting on the 3 hours drive to us.

A Flix Bus is also running from Porto to Ferrol.

From Ferrol you have to take a Taxi/ Uber or we can arrange a Pick up.

Surf & Yoga
Do I need a Wetsuit for surfing?

Yes! We enjoy surfing with a 4/3mm wetsuit. In winter times also shoes and cloves will also keep you warm. We rent wetsuits for a small fee, please ask us before your arrival.

What about water temperatures?

Actual water temperatures you can check here.

In April when we open o soño, water temperatures begin rising from 13 degrees till peak in august to 20 degrees, which can stay until late october before falling again to 14 in december. But as you know: climate change is here and forecasts are more difficult to do.

Yes, our part of the atlantic ocean is colder than in the south but water is also cristal clear and waves are more consistent.

Do you rent surf boards?

You can take all boards we have for free when you stay with us. We have a variety of sustainable hand shaped boards shaped by Stefan from Kunti_qi ( of his Collective series (  from retro fish till Longboard. Additional we have 5 other boards from TORQ, NSP, Phoenix and softboards for beginners.

Can I do a surf course?

Sure, we will connect you to our local surfschool Valdosurf and book your classes. It´s about 150 € a week taking part in a group (or single group lesson 30 €), or 60€/ lesson surf guiding 1:1. You need to pay cash directly to the surf school.

Where is the best spot to surf?

This is hard to say because we have so many spots around in 20 km distance. Depending if you wanna do longboarding or riding your shortboard. 3 homespots are in front of our door: Valdoviño/Praia Lago/Lighting house, all in the same bay. In only 4 km distance you will find famous wsl spot Pantin where the yearly running contest is taking part end of august/september. We will provide you with informations about all spots and swells when you are here.

What can I do when i don´t wanna surf?

You don´t have to be a surfer to stay at o soño. There are so many things to do like hiking or mountainbiking or just lying in the hammock listening to the birds and reading a book. We have a little library where you can also enjoy silence. Our pool invites you to take a swim without leaving o soño.The garden is huge and has a lot of spaces to relax. Or grab one of our mountainbikes to go on a trail up the mountain into the forest or along the cliffs to the next bay Pantin. There are endless possibilites.

Is there a place for practicing Yoga?

We have our own yoga shala. The best: one yoga class/day is for free!  We provide you with sustainable eco mats from Lotuscraft and cork blocks along with straps no matter if you are a beginner or on advanced level. If you want a personal class for you alone or to practice inversions just let us know. You can also host your own Yoga Retreat here, please feel free to ask us.

Can I work from o soño?

Yes, we have WIFI in almost every corners of the house and working desks in all rooms at first floor. We kindly ask you to book one of these rooms to keep the common rooms for all guests.

Where should I leave my dog when i´m on holiday?

Just bring it with you, our little dog Fay (Podenco Mix) is more than happy to have a partner for playing and the garden is closed all around. But please ask us before booking as Fay does not accept all breeds, as she has bad experiences with some.

Do I need to bring a towel?

We provide you with towels for inside use, if you want to use one at the beach or for the pool you should provide yourself with one.

Do I need to bring my own espresso beans if I´m a coffee addict?

No no no, we are also coffee lovers and coffee is for free all day. You can prepare yourself an espresso or tea anytime in our kitchen. We provide you with Bialettis and French Press along with fair trade organic coffee, different kind of teas (green, black, fruit, herbs) and plantbased milks.

Can I store cow milk and meat in your fridge?

No. We are free of animal products at o soño because of many reasons. If you wanna have a chat about it we are happy to share our passion for food and animals. We provide you with all proteins and vitamins you need and you won´t miss anything.

Can I store anything in your fridge?

We provide you with beer, selected galician wines and soft drinks (also f.e.Tonic for a Gin) on base of an honesty list with reasonable prices. For hygienic reasons we friendly ask you not to store your personal stuff in our fridge.

What if I´m hungry?

Breakfastbar is open all day with Granola, yoghurt an fruits. Also you will get a lunchbox ready around 10:00 am to take away filled with yummy soulfood for the day. For dinner we all come together, enjoying what our garden offers and many more. You will miss it when you leave, that´s a promise. And maybe you´ll become vegan too…

When do I have to pay?

1 month before you start your holidays we send you an email where we ask you to transfer the money to our bank account which you will find in that email. Now your reservation turns into a booking.This deposit is also your cancelation fee. As we are such a small guesthouse we can not reservate rooms until the last day. If we or you will find someone filling your space we will for sure refund your money.