We love the ocean, we love surfing and we are happy to share our passion with you.

You don´t have to be a surfer when you spend your holidays at o soño. There are so many highlights around our house that want to be discovered whether by hiking or biking. Singletrails are perfect for mountainbikers, panoramic walks along the cliffs, or up the forests for the hikers. Also cultural highlights like the city of Santiago de Compostela are worth a visit. It won´t be boring – thats our promise for sure.

As we want to protect what we love, our contribution to the ocean are high quality and sustainable surfboards, all shaped by hand in Cantabria from Stefan, the owner of Kun_tiqi and Collective Surfboards. All the Collective Surfboards we rent, are manufactured in the Paulownia & Cork production technique and have the “Gold Level” certification from the sustainable surf Ecoboard project.

The core is recycable, covered in paulownian wood from Valencia. The rail is made of cork from Portugal and the epoxy resin is plant based. The boards are light and super beautiful, each one is unique and they are suitable for advanced to pro surfers. We offer you a wide range from retro fish to noserider and the best: board rental is included in your stay. Feel free to test the boards, maybe you will also be addicted.

For beginners we can offer three softboards. We also offer wetsuits to rent for a small fee. Please inform us before your stay if you need one.


Discover the magic of surfing in Galicia: consistent swell, uncrowded line ups, cristal clear water and breathtaking views of the surrounding cliffs.